Why Hiring a Data Analyst Won’t Solve Your Business Problems

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1. Lack of clear data ownership

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  • How much revenue is that advertising initiative driving?
  • How many customer support agents do we need to hire to meet demand?
  • Which markets should we prioritize in Q3?

2. Lack of data democratization

3. Your Data Infrastructure Doesn’t Meet Your Company’s Needs

  • Overcomplication: Data solutions are not always intuitive to use, particularly when it comes to onboarding new users. This can introduce bottlenecks that prevent teams from leveraging the full potential of their stack.
  • Manual processes: Some solutions, particularly in the data governance space (think: data quality, data catalogs, and metadata management) still require manual input, a timely and cost-intensive process. If data governance and compliance is a priority for your company, data teams need a new approach that will keep pace with the growth of their business and reduce manual toil.
  • Involved onboarding and set up: As previously mentioned, most organizations need their data as soon as possible. Data teams can’t afford to spend weeks or even months onboarding or getting up to speed with a new solution.

How to build a data-driven culture

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Communicate value of data early and often — to everyone

Self-serve, automated tooling

Data observability & reliability

Scale your impact by building a community around data

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